Bodrum Yachting Tour


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What type of rental is the most suitable for us ?

Custom Boat / yacht charter : Private yacht charters; boat selection, tour dates, dinner menu according to your wishes all of the details, such as the program type is determined. Our experienced staff gives you a special service for you and your group just for your satisfaction. Our boat in our fleet from 2 to 16 cabins yacht with a yacht you and your group, you can choose the most appropriate standard and in the price.
Cabin rentals : if you have difficulty in creating a group or to travel alone, If you wish, you can rent cabins in the Blue Cruise tours with our exact moving 1 or more weekly. From different parts of the world, you'll have the chance to meet with other guests. Type in the type of cabin that will describes the name of the yacht prior to 1 day from the date of departure, round the Start and end dates, tour schedule, details such as menus within the standards that are determined in advance, the journey is done.

What is included in the rental fee ?

Custom Boat / Gulet Charter Turkey: in Turkish territorial waters mooring fees, Harbour taxes, yacht's insurance, fuel, cleaning the boat, Laundry, water, transitlog, the staff service and free use of the equipment on the boat is included in the price. Cabin rental: 1 week full-board accommodation ( breakfast, lunch and dinner, 5 tea - cakes, biscuits service ),drinking water (during meals), Fuel, Water, personnel, service, yacht insurance, boat, Laundry, mooring fees in Turkish waters, port taxes, transit log, is included in the price.

What is not included in the rental fee ?

Private Gulet Charter: Harbour taxes and mooring fees in Greek waters, the meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, shore tours, airport transfers are not included in the price. Cabin rentals: alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bottled water, shore tours and airport transfers is not included in the price. Drinks are available from the bar on the boat.

Standard, Standard Plus,luxury and ultra-luxury yachts what are the differences between ?

Standard Boats: other boats in this class and our boats are designed in the same structure with different kinds of air-conditioning. Each cabin has private shower and toilet are available. The rental prices are economical. Standard Plus Boats: - standard boats. The rental prices are economical. Luxury boats: boats possess a cabinet wider than our standard boats in this class. Each cabin has shower, toilet and air conditioning. Rental rates is suitable. Ultra luxury boats Ultra custom boats and luxury Gulet designed considering all the requirements of our guests. All rooms are air conditioned and Private as they are all decorated. Without boats are fitted with the latest technological equipment, spared no expense. Through these prices also recognized.

Different ports from the tour start and finish ?

provided it is possible that if you rent a private yacht to pay the price difference. The price difference varies according to the distance between the Start and end of the round ports.

Insurance when you leave on the journey ?

all of the boats are fully insured and 3. parties also covers it. Our guests are also personal accident, health and travel insurance.

What Will The Weather Be Like?

Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, almost 'guarantee a vacation with beautiful weather and blue skies is one of the rare notes. Blue Voyage in April from the month of November until the middle of the month can be released. June, July, and August the hottest months due to holidays are the most crowded months. For these reasons, because of the price advantage, many people prefer to go on a tour in other months.

Our boarding and landing hours?

in all species come from 15.30 boarding time. The last day to leave the boat after breakfast in the morning 10.30 is used to treat. After that time, the boat starts to prepare new future for our guests. Bodrum yachting tour hours late plane or bus passengers who can leave their luggage in the Office.