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3000€/ daily, 6 Cabins


800 €/ daily, 6 Cabins


1500 €/ daily, 5 Cabins


1000 €/ daily, 2 Cabins

TOROMONTO 2 (Feretti 760)

1600 €/ daily, 4 Cabins


600 €/ daily, 3 Cabins


/ daily, 3 Cabins


1100€/ daily, 9 Cabins



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Handmade schooner name of the Aegean and Mediterranean coast called the weekly trips made by wooden boat. Azra Erhat the first time this trip and Sabahattin under the name halikarnas fishermen were brought by eyübohl litaratura. Today, large and small sailboat sail wood fiber, ultra luxury cruise tour is the engine that can be done in yatlarla ..

Climbed away from city life, you can experience the Mediterranean Blue Cruise in all blue and serenity to the fullest. Anyone who wants can join this tour in the blue color of infinity, known as comforting people. The Mediterranean blue and the sun, and you combine one of the best ways to get away from all the stress you are included in this table. Enjoy a cruise experience.


Our esteemed schooners like, opinions and comments are important to us.

thats was a great boat was little bet long way but still really liked it.I had great time did not expect it for the price.I was a funtastıc swimming eathing sleeping on top all rooms are acondatıons so cool.Nice food and driks excellent value and most important had funtastic time on two weeks greece and turkişh islands and soo beatiful sandy beaches.THANKS KAPTAN SEFA AND BODRUM YACHTİNGTOUI 

I wasnt thing that would be as a nice lıke that.I would love to try again but I think I lıke to see differant destinations..I thing that boat was the best boat 

carpe diem 4.captan and crew was funtatstic..tahnks for every one who cares us...I love turkey I love turkişh people..

Martin and Jenna Bodrum Yachting Tour

Mr boombastic it was funtastic.lots of love from LUBNAN.

HI captan sefa (stephan) thanks very much for great trip to bodrum between marmaris all coasts are soo beatiful and crew was perfect.LOVELY FOODS

   Boat trip was amazing!.with my friend .and family,no doubt Turkey is wonderful,but your organızatıon are funtatstic...thanks alot xxx

peninsula in south lebanon similar to bodrum.I thought this boat cruise stupid idea !was my dad booked was completely wrong.We all had a blast.Defnateliy I would go again...That I will never forget

thanks bodrumyachtingtour 



Clarisse Debian from LEBANONBodrum Yachting Tour

      Giontama BELLİSSİMO cisiamo olivertiti  

tanittisimo bel vare  bella spiagge onisco wonderfull trip .I love this boats .ı would goo again 

Nalles &Raffael from italyBodrum Yachting Tour

             There were 5 of us in our party inclouding 5 years old .The boat was very good guality and exellant volue for money.

Had our moneys worth in food and drinks.Alot of stops ans lots of nive wievs had very good air acondations rooms even I sleept on the top 

was so nice fresh air.Having been many boat trips short or week trips that was very good organizatıons thanks for bodrumyachting tour and captain stephan who is owner of the boat and cptan drives the boat call rambo he was very nice to us.thanks again will come back in time 




Richard Cherly,Jano,Rhys,Lynda and Marry from EnglandBodrum Yachting Tour

Wonderful, August 2015



Just a little email to thank you and Gokhan for such a wonderful week. We loved every minute of it. So much so that we would love to do it again next year! 
I know all the reviews talked about the food, but Emir was fantastic and created such a variety of beautiful food. The crew were great. Very hospitable. Thanks Peter.
I was right to have such a good feeling about your lovely boat! The toys on board were great. We were wondering if you could put a smaller / shorter water ski on board so that the kids can learn. That would be amazing. 

Many thanks
Cara BradleyUK

Cora BRADLEY U.KBodrum Yachting Tour

Time of our lives!

Hi Peter and Gokhan,(SALAMANDER GULET)
Just a note to tell you that the Bolca party is having the time of their lives! Emir is creating the most fabulous meals. Guven and Musa both cater to our every whim and Captain Erkan brings us to wonderful anchorages skillfully. We can't believe that we are already halfway through our week at sea.

Best regards,
Sherry & Asim Bolca, USA

Sherry & Asim BOLCA... FROM U.S Bodrum Yachting Tour

3 generation BIG birthday '15

Dear Peter,
All I can say is 'WOW'. We had such a brilliant time on Salamander. Everyone 
thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we couldn't have wished for more.

Your crew certainly bent over backwards to make us happy. We ate, swam, sailed, kayaked, water skied and had a happy time every day. Florence the 2 1/2 year old became a water baby and loved the sea. Henry the baby shouted a lot! However, he loved his paddling pool and much appreciated the high chair.

I do hope we may make it back for our 50th wedding anniversary in 2018.

Please convey our grateful thanks to everyone.

Lucy Allison UK

Lucy ALLİSON FROM U.KBodrum Yachting Tour